Herman Miller Singapore Mass Order

Herman Miller Singapore Mass Order

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About Us?

We have been conducting the Herman Miller Singapore Mass Orders to help forumers purchase high-value bulky items for the past 10 years, with our overseas office located in New York. Initially done out of goodwill to help forumers who wanted to purchase the chairs for their broken back but couldn’t afford the local price tag. Or users who prefer to get a chair that is made in USA than those sold locally that are made in China. Also, many buyers who prefer our dedicated service after past encounters with the local vendor.

We first imported Herman Millers for ourselves in 2001 but actual mass ordering started in 2008, so we have long experience dealing with them. The humble beginning started when we needed to import more chairs for our own office, with excess container space, fellow forumers requested to tag along with their Herman Miller orders. The requests never stop. If you do a reverse calculation, the shipping charges you are paying here is only US$100-US$250, very cheap for a pallet. If you are shipping yourself via a forwarder like comgateway or borderlinx, they are charging at least US$500 a chair for air freight and you have no support for yourself. We order the chairs directly from USA websites, always delivered to our office in New York then shipped out from the nearest port. We only get from established sellers, including Amazon. Depending on which is cheaper, never fixed to one vendor to enjoy competitive pricings. The reason why the project is always sustainable is because we use these purchases to expend our cash in many of our affiliated overseas companies based in Europe, lower their revenue and we pay lower corporate taxes overseas. So this is a win-win solution and does benefit us indirectly.

The website www.unwantedimports.com  was created to facilitate easier ordering and invoicing. This project is also co-joint with a few dedicated companies to handle the logistics and repairs. This will make it easier for anyone who wishes to have a Made in USA chair. No longer will you need to order from USA websites and import in individually, we do it on your behalf. Things had always been organised and progressive. We don’t stock a lot, just a tiny amount of less than 10 chairs every 1 to 2 month, not sufficient for bulk orders to corporates but sufficient enough to provide for a few individuals. During the same time we formed, the local chain and popularity of Herman Miller in Singapore grew amazingly huge rather than having any dent to their sales. The power of social media, recommendation on Singapore’s most popular forum Hardwarezone, particularly from our mass order seemingly gave them a boost instead. As with all our other mass orders projects.


We never had problem with warranty, we have a long list of vendors to call in the United States, different from Singapore, monopolised by a single distributor. We get the kind of support we can get from USA which is excellent, probably miles ahead of most local establishments. We have strong relationships with repair specialists who are dedicated to repairing Herman Miller chairs. Some of us organizers worked for MMCs and we strive to carry the same level of good service to you.

95% of our received emails are replied within 6 hours, most 1 hour. (Please check your spam if you didn’t)

Let the reviews do the talking

Hardwarezone forums
Post 12 – Feedbacks & Reviews

As for why Herman Miller and not other brands? There are definitely other brands but the Herman Miller chairs are the most recognised and recommended by any orthopaedics. Those Herman Millers models used by the Singapore Ministries and major financial institutes are mostly the lower end Mirra or Aeron range in the most basic settings, not fully loaded with all the features. The chairs we carry and recommend are mostly the higher end ones, otherwise stated. With all the functions loaded like forwarding tilt, posture fit lumbar support, recline limiter, hard floor castors, headrest, etc.

Based on the philosophy, “Design driven by research”, Herman Miller remains the forefather for all modern furniture in the world.

Before any development for any chairs, Herman Miller does extensive research on what the body needs. Every inch of the furniture was carefully engineered to complement the body to make it sustain lesser damage and correct bad postures The chairs are made to work for your body, and not your body works for it.

They are designed and manufactured by:

  • Award winning Industrial Designers
  • Orthopaedic Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Ergonomic Researchers


Why Only Us?

We only obtain new chairs, not refurbished passed off as new. There’re plenty of such sellers in the market now.

We not only have a registered company in both Europe and SG, but also a huge MMC company representing us for the purchase in the US, to handle and approve importing permits.
We have long records and experience with ordering HM in the USA, receiving warranty support, etc.

We are a group of forumers, and we made Herman Miller Singapore Mass Orders that lasted many years, we are sure we can last for decades.
You can refer to our other Mass Orders to see that we had been organising for years.