AC VPN – Safest way to pass China firewall and kept anonymous

AC VPN from Romania. One of the least known and underrated services we had tried over the years. This is speaking from someone who requires anonymity. I travel to China frequently and uses all sorts of VPN in the market.

People who look for VPN, they mainly look at speed. Try to pass China’s firewall or to be kept totally anonymous. They often neglected other variables like stability, bandwidth which affects your speed. How far to the extent does the company maintain your anonymity.

We had tried every popular service out there. Which includes ExpressVPN, TOR, PureVPN, and many more. Here we will elaborate more on why you should consider this little known service, call AC VPN

China Firewall

Some services like ExpressVPN have a knack for peopLooAC le who are going to China. Well marketed in this realm. I myself had been roaming between Southern China, even to small villages at the rural outskirts. To test out the network connectivity and speed. VPN Services once known to be invulnerable, most been brought down. Services like Astrill which still wAC VACdfsdfdsforks but speed and stability had dropped to a trickle.

ExpressVPN does prove a point as it’s still working but is that the best option? Being able to still work in China isn’t simple. As the police nation had been actively tracking and eliminated such services. It’s a good sign to see how well they managed to cover their tracks. The only other service that silently worked over the years with similar quality is AC VPN, but are they equal?

The other service worth mentioning is TOR, but we decided to leave them out. Since their speed and connectivity is highly erratic so we can now focus on the top two services.

This is the price comparison between Expressvpn and AC VPN


As you can see, the price for ExpressVPN is grossly inflated and cost more than 40% higher than the Romanian service.

Simultaneous Connections

This refers to how many connections from various devices can be connected at the same time.

ExpressVPN: 5 devices on any platforms.
AC VPN: 6 devices on any platforms


Nobody likes to use a software that requires too much tinkering.
Both have Apps available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

For AC VPN is quite advance as you can choose a wide range of connectivity from various nations, and methodology. This will be important as it offers you options and you can choose between more speed or more security.

Here are some photos of the AC VPN Windows Client which is really straight forward to use.


This is the most frustrating issue which exists with many VPN providers. Despite many reviews from various sites that prove that certain network works faster, it had never been the case in real life use.

The reason is simple, many reviewers are either paid or they had done testing at a low peak timing. So how can one know that which is the low peak timing? The only way to see this is if the VPN provider is transparent enough to show you the bandwidth.

That’s exactly why AC VPN is our much safer choice as they have their bandwidth capacity fully revealed which can be viewed from their website.

Here are some of the screenshots which you can clearly see the bandwidth in use. This is not revealed by any other websites.

None of the bandwidth are overloaded.


Every VPN service claim that they are anonymous without keeping any logs. This is hardly true as every service definitely keep some logs to detect cyber attacks, frauds or bandwidth.

What’s more important to look at is where is the country from, which has what regulation to data retention. For that Romania is the best country you can count on as data retention has been declared unconstitutional by the Romanian Constitutional Court in July, 2014. That’s why Romania is a haven for hackers.

AC VPN do not claim to don’t keep logs. They honestly reveal that they only keep logs for one day to track cyber attacks to track their system, or frauds. By the time anybody is able to apply to Romania to get a warrant to check them up, their logs will be automatically deleted

This odd lawless freedom had inspired many of the best hackers as well as the best programmer in the world. Bitdefender, one of the best cybersecurity and anti-virus software company in the market, is Romanian.

AC VPN comes with a free 7 days trial service, you are welcome to try and subscribe from our link: AC VPN

If you have any problem, do not delete the app first, open a ticket from your user portal and they will assist you very quickly.