Aeron Chair’s Size and Customization

Aeron Chair’s Size and Customization

The Aeron Chairs sold in the Mass Order are all fully loaded.
Meaning they come with full features which include the following:

    • Height Adjustment.
    • Recline Limiter.
    • Forward Tilt.
    • Tilt tension
    • Fully adjustable arms (Height, depth and angle)

The following options or upgrades might be available

  • Posture fit SL back support.
  • Hard or standard hard castors.
  • Add on fully adjustable headrest from Engineered one(USA) or Atlas.

We do not order the basic models as they don’t have ergonomic features.
The most commonly ordered upgrades are the hard castors and headrest addons.


The information below is for the Remastered Aerons only. The classic version may have slight differences.



You will first have to select the correct size.
Below is the size chart for Remastered Aerons.


Here are the links to the chairs:

Size A

Size B

Size C

Getting the suitable size base on the chart will be more appropriate than testing.
If the given weight and height have two possible sizes, users are encouraged to read the chart and decide which size it’s closer to.
Do note that if the chair is too big, the user will lose the dexterity to tilt the chair with better manoeuvrability. As the user does not have the weight and height to angulate and pivot the tilting mechanism as well.



Posturefit SL backrest support

The Posturefit SL has two pads that support the sacrum and lumbar region, and its depth can be adjusted to fit the spine curve.

Another advantage of the Posturefit over the Lumbar Pad is the position is fixed and does not slide away.

Herman Miller Remastered Aeron Back

Posturefit SL


We only have the premium Posturefit SL for the mass order for its preferred support.


Hard or BB Carpet Casters

Casters are the wheels of the chairs.

Standard BB casters are for carpets, they are tough wheels with no additional coating. It can be found here: Herman Miller Standard Carpet Casters

Hard floor casters have a softer polyurethane coating on the wheels, increasing the amount of traction to keep the chair from gliding away easily. The coating also reduces noises during rolling and reduces the chance of scratching the hard floor.

There are two versions of hard casters.

  1. Original from Herman Miller
  2. German-made Premium Hard Casters

The 100% German-made casters come from the same OEM factory as the original.
It is specially requested with the most expensive choice of suitable material and is ONLY available here.

One remarkable improvement is they can last very well and not break.

Below are photos of the original hard casters that break within three years.

Herman miller casters shedding Herman miller casters breaking apart

The German Casters are much more durable and more stable in their quality. It can be used on carpets too. They come with rollaway resistance and a subtle braking system that keeps your chair from rolling too far away when unused. They also have the latest noiseless roll technology, which significantly reduces the amount of sound from vibration when rolling.

The user must keep the casters away from aggressive liquid detergent and keep the wheels from direct sunlight. The habit of stepping on the wheels may disintegrate them. Do note that hard casters breaking down within five years due to poor compatibility with the flooring will be replaced with standard BB casters.


Engineered One Aeron Headrest.

Many users requested a headrest to lean back for taking naps or simply to rest their head.

The Engineered Now Aeron Headrest is the missing piece that gives the Aeron chair additional support all the way to the neck
This is the most frequently requested upgrade.

They’re only a few makers of Aeron Chair headrests in the market. The Engineered One design has been available for the longest and is still the most ergonomic compared to the rest.

Key advantages:

  • Patented design for full adjustment with better manoeuvrability. Height, Depth & Tilt Control
  • Angles can be tilted to any degree.
  • Synchronized angling when the user tilts.
  • Flexibility in extending to both height and depth.
  • Able to lock positions for most joints. (Many other makers have a problem with locking in the depth and getting out of position).
  • Mesh design – No entrapment of body heat causing discomfort.
  • Better flexibility on the mesh to facilitate contouring.
  • Very good durability.

There are two versions.

  1. HR03
  2. HR04

HR04 is 20% larger and can be adjusted taller


HR03 for remastered Aerons


HR04 for remastered Aerons


HR04 versus HR03

We do have headrests for the classic Aerons as well.


Reviews: Customer Reviews: VendorGear Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The main advantage of the Engineered Nne headrest is its adjustability and its breathable material. It empties every gap from your entire spine up to your neck, developing the perfect support.

To support the head well, the right place to support is the neck. Else if the headrest pushes the head, it will lead to the forward head posture

As it’s fully adjustable, you can tune the right angle to fit the position of your neck, as well as how much support is necessary.

It fits so snugly that you can’t move much out of your correct posture.
We highly recommend this upgrade above all the other upgrades.

Another thing is the tension can be adjusted by tightening the screw.
Engineer now headrest 2

Engineer now headrest 3


The price of the headrest will be discounted if it’s sold with a chair together. The HR03 and HR04 are designed for the Aeron chair and cannot fit the embody chair or other series

Here are their links:

HR03 Engineered Now Aeron Headrest

HR04 Engineered Now Aeron Headrest


Ergonomic Aeron Headrest (OEM)

An OEM version offers the same quality with all the same features at a remarkably lower price. It also has a few upgrades.

You can also see below that the mesh matches perfectly.

It comes with stoppers to keep the headrest locked at a certain height.

Herman Miller Aeron Headrest comparison

The original adjustment rod on the xxx has a smooth surface. Some users complain that the positioning slips too easily. The adjustment rod on this listing allows stepped adjustments to hold positions better.

It also has cushion padding to reduce the risk of scratching the frame.

Herman Miller Aeron Taiwan headrest

Cushioning material to reduce the risk of scratches.

Our version is the latest made in Taiwan and not copies made in China.

Here’s the link

Ergonomic Aeron Headrest – H3 (OEM)


Atlas Headrest

Atlas Aeron Headrest back view

The Atlas headrest was introduced in recent years and it grew in popularity as they use the exact same mesh as the original Aeron chair.

This gives them the perfect match.


Here’s a comparison between the Atlas and the Engineered Now design.

Left Atlas, Right Engineered Now HR03. Frontal photo

Left Atlas versus HR03

The Atlas headrest is a lot larger than the HR03 and more protruding. There’s also a protrusion at the back of the headrest which makes the chair takes up more airspace.


Some users comment that the Atlas headrest obstructs headphones less. While some users comment that the Atlas push the head too forward at certain angles.

Ergonomically, the Engineered Now rest should perform better due to its fully adjustable design to fit to the person’s posture.


Here’s the link:

Atlas Aeron Headrest


If you want more differences and more in-depth comparisons between the headrests.

Refer to this article:  Aeron Headrest Comparison.