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All Herman Miller chairs are directly imported from USA to Singapore since 2008, be careful of refurbished China chairs passed off as new sold in the open market. We are aware of individuals imitating as us selling Herman Miller Aeron chair on other platforms. Do note that platform sellers like Amazon, Shopee or Lazada could easily change identify or close account to avoid honouring future warranty support. We do not provide any support for chairs bought from other channels.

Remastered Aeron Chair

A remake of the original with a new design of fully adjustable arms, more comfortable mesh and an improved support system.
All Aerons we provide are only in the highest specifications, fully loaded version.

Contractors and bulk office orders welcomed.
Website is updated with scripts to price outmatch the lowest prices in Singapore.
All prices are in Singapore dollars.

Now comes with additional FREE wheels!

11k Aeron Chairs sold

ONLY WEBSITE IN THE WORLD offering fully loaded Herman Miller AERON CHAIRS with GERMAN MADE HARD FLOOR CASTERS that last much longer and won’t cause scratches to the floor.

Embody Chair

Often rated as the most comfortable ergonomic chairs in the world, the most premium version of ergonomic chairs from its maker.
With an unique exoskeletonal backframe support and a special breathable fabric system.

Cosm Chair

The newest design targeted for Aesthetics.

We had decided to stop bringing in more due to feedbacks that the ergonomic support is lacking compared to the Aeron or the Embody chair. The length of the chair does not fit well with everyone.

Other chair

Occasionally, we will partner with other manufacturers to launch their range of ergonomic chairs on our website. Stay tuned for any updates. For suppliers, feel free to contact us with your product information. Reach good leads and wider exposure for your brand with us.

Accessories for Herman Miller Aeron chair and more

Addons that make your chairs better. The hard casters are almost a must-have for users using the chair on hard floors.
Sole distributor for the German hard casters which has much better durability and intelligent braking system.
Both brands of Atlas and Engineered Now headrest are 100% authentic, not imitations from China.

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All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

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