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Unwanted Imports is the only website in the world that offers the USA made fully loaded Aeron chairs with enhanced German made hard floor casters and the missing headrest for the classic range. Bringing you the highest possible settings and enhancements, to the already known best chairs in the world.
All chairs are directly imported and made in USA, be careful of refurbished chairs passed off as new or China imported versions marketed as made from USA sold in the open market. We do not retail on any other online stores.

Embody Chairs

Often rated as the most comfortable ergonomic chairs in the world, the most premium version of ergonomic chairs from its maker.
With an unique exoskeletonal backframe support and a special breathable fabric system.

Remastered Aeron Chairs

A remake of the original with a new design of fully adjustable arms, more comfortable mesh and an improved support system.

Cosm Chairs

The newest design targeted for Aesthetics.

After a batch of the Cosm chairs, we had decided to stop bringing in more. As there are many feedbacks that the ergonomic support is lacking compared to the Aeron or the Embody chair. The length of the chair does not fit well with everyone.

Classic Aeron Chairs

The best known ergonomic chair ever created, designed by orthopaedic and experts dealing specifically with chairs.

The Classic Aerons had phased out and stopped production since 2017, it’s not possible to order anymore new pieces .


Spare parts and add ons that make your chairs better. The hard casters are almost a must-have for users using the chair on hard floors.

All prices are in SGD.