Do you know that 9 out of 10 reported issues can be solved by the user?

Below are some commonly asked FAQ before you think you are in a bad situation.



Q: My Aeron Chair feels wobbly.

There are little allowances between the gears and joints to allow some movement. It is normal that the chair wobbles a little

Q: It must be wobbling because the joints underneath the chair is loose and the nuts are not fastened.

Talking about this part?

This part is meant to be loose and it does not secure the chair.

Q: My hard casters are shredding.

There is too much friction between the wheels and your floor. Maybe too much heat and too much dust, the polyurethane hardened and cracked. If it’s under warranty and it is happening within five years, it should be replaced with the standard BB casters.

Q: How to change the casters?

Q: My chair is not tilting properly.

Release the tension.

Q: Why is there a squeaking sound?.

Squeaking and rocking sound is hard to define if it’s really an issue, in most cases, it’s not.

Having a little sound is natural and inevitable as metal to metal contact or as the plastic frame flex. Lubricant can only reduce some noise from metal abrasion, not totally.  If it’s a new chair, the lubrication is still setting in, and noise should eventually get lesser. If it’s an old chair, get some silicone lubricant spray and apply at the joints. Of course, it also depends on other matters like the user’s weight.

Some parts of the chair are meant to be loose, so the chair can have it’s full finesse. These loose parts may create some noise inevitably.

There’s nothing a technician can do to make it absolutely silent.

Q: Why is there a squeaking sound at the wheel area?.

Same reason, if it’s a new chair, the lubrication is still setting in, and it should eventually go away.

If it’s an old chair, get some silicone lubricant spray and apply at the area where the wheels turn.

Put a rug under the chair, and see if the sound goes away. If it is due to too much friction between the wheels and your floor, there’s nothing anyone can do about it except placing a rug underneath.

Q: Why am I feeling weird and not comfortable?

If you are already in a bad posture for a long time, your muscles and bones may need some time to adjust. Nothing to do with the chair, more to do with your back.

Q: The gear cover under the gearbox is missing

Herman Miller no longer have them on since a few years ago.

Q: My Embody’s height adjustment isn’t working?

Small issue, easy fix.

Check this page.

Q: Why are there scratch or crease marks on my new piece of leather furniture?

Just like wrinkles on our skin, those are natural markings that can’t be avoided.

Q: How do I register the warranty?

You don’t have to. All you need is to take a photo of the serial under the chair and keep it for future reference. Please don’t pass off another old chair and claim warranty, there are a few markings hidden on the chair for further verification.