Buyers are to read these term and conditions, agreements,(“About Mass Order”, “Disclaimer“, “Warranty“) carefully before using www.unwantedimports.com(“the Website”) (“us”, “we”, or “our”). This Agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of the Site at Unwanted’s Ergonomic Furniture Mass Order (“the Website”)


Herman Miller, Aeron, Embody and related logos, text or related content are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Herman Miller. We are not official resellers nor in anyway representatives for Herman Miller.


By making a purchase, you agree to ALL the conditions below and is fully aware that we are only in charge of helping everyone order in on behalf of everyone to get better prices, in sharing shipping from USA to Singapore. We are NOT authorized agent, middleman/resellers, but just importing on everyone’s to share transportation charges between forumers.

We are not legally authorised to provide personal warranty nor misrepresent as their agent. As warranty should be received directly from Herman Miller, under their jurisdiction to ensure the right support without jeopardising the status of your warranty.
For obtaining parts due to whatever reasons, the process has to be as accord to the updated terms and conditions stated in the Warranty page.
Herman Miller’s factory is located in USA, Michelin and there are necessary procedures to claim warranty and sufficient time is needed to claim parts.

We are also not Herman Miller to ensure that they pack all the parts correctly.
We are also not a warehouse nor service centre to hold every Herman Miller’s spare parts in inventory. Due to customizations of configurations, exact product code may differ from actual product. Orders placed will be based on feature requirement and not product code.

For assembly service:
Assembling is being offered at an affordable price, which will save you possibly hours for a newbie.

Assembling is only for attaching the backrest to the main frame, install the posture fit/lumbar pad and headrest(if purchased). The bottom assembly where all the control lies come pre-assembled, our installer will not touch nor test them.
We are getting people to assemble as we have ALOT of people who is unable to fix it,  lose parts or break something while installing. Instead, come back complaining about receiving a broken item.

As the assembly is done by a freelance technician, who is not a representative for Herman Miller nor it’s affiliates. We will not guarantee, no warranty nor take any responsibility for any direct or indirect losses, damages, loss of functions, defects, scratches, etc. We’ll be very glad if forumers choose to assemble themselves but please be patient if you can’t fix it or need to get parts replacement.

Please take note that we will also not be responsible for any damages like scratches/bends on the product incurred during delivery/transit. We are also not responsible for any scratch marks that can be imprinted during the installation of the headrest.

For deliveries made internationally, delivery fees will be as charged and enhanced insurance are not purchased unless on request. Please check with your local customs on available tax and duties. We will not be able to advise or assist in tax related matters in your nation.

For deliveries made within Singapore, protective measures will prevent the chairs from damage; there had been no problems with the local transportation since the start of our mass order and we had handled hundreds of chairs.

We do not overpromise warranty policies stipulated in the existing policies.
Please only participate in this mass order only if you are agreeable or comfortable to the terms and conditions.

On delivery and shipping:
Please take note that shipments are subject to delays that are beyond our control.

They come by ship and shipping is affected by weather and other conditions.
We are using sea freight as air freight is more expensive and handled more roughly. Previous experience with air cargo had a lot of chairs ended up with scratches due to the unstable movement within the plane.

There’s no tracking number by sea freight, so we can only provide an ETA within the month.

Once it reaches Singapore, the process will automatically unfold itself.
The couriers pick them, assemblyman assembles them if needed and send them. We don’t touch them. Things will get pretty fast on our end.  As they are not small items, common courier services in Singapore don’t deliver them.
For bigger moving companies, they charge $80 a trip, so it’s out unless you are willing to pay for it.
We are using a freelance courier company who offers the budget of $30/$40 and are delicate enough to handle the deliveries. They will call and arrange delivery dates before coming.

By making a purchase, you agree that the delivery will be sent to location’s main door only, the couriers do not deliver to rooms or areas within indoor.

The purchaser also agrees that www.unwantedimports.com and our couriers are not responsible for any damages to the property or assets incurred during the delivery of the ordered items and agree to indemnify our couriers and us unconditionally from any compensations.