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About Us.

Operating since 2005, our base trade is mainly in architecture, development of properties and cryptocurrency, particularly in Europe, South East Asia and Southern China. Our offices are in New York, Britain, Italy, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Most of us are located in the UK. Besides architecture consultation work, we provide full furnishing to our clients as a complete package. Due to the movement of material from around the world, we have many containers shipped all the time globally.

In 2008, we noticed that our shipping containers were not always fully utilized. That’s when a group of clients from the Singapore forum, from the Hardwarezone community, contacted us to purchase high-value bulky items and send them to Singapore from the USA. The first bulk order happened in around 2008. It was initially a small project and done out of goodwill. We figured out that this small project could have significant benefits that could affect our company indirectly, even without immediate monetary gain.  We collaborated with multiple contractors to devise this disrupting trading module, making it complete and sustainable. These contractors mainly use local logistics, technical and payment services to help consolidate the operation. It becomes as sustainable as a hydra which is easy to multiply and carry on in any market we target. We have diversified and expanded our operation to several countries using different websites.

When did it start?

The first import was for our offices and project clients, started in 2001, and actual mass ordering for the public started in 2008. People from the Hardwarezone and other “Spree sites” reached for us and engaged our help to tag along with their Herman Miller orders to fill our containers. It wasn’t difficult for us as we are very familiar with the products since we have purchased them regularly for our clients. The requests never stopped as our rates were very affordable for a pallet shipped door-to-door across the globe.

Initially, it was done out of goodwill to help buyers who wanted to purchase the chairs but couldn’t afford the local price tag. Or users who prefer to get a chair that is made in the USA as at that time, the local distributors carried a mix of China-made chairs.

Why are we the cheapest?

We obtain by large projects, and the price received is of a preferential rate. We could affordably handle the international shipping charges as we have large shipments and containers to fill.

What’s the benefit for us?

The main reason that motivated us to keep the project sustainable is that we used these purchases to use our funds in overseas companies. The corporate taxes in many countries we operate in are much higher. This trading process significantly and legitimately lowers corporate payable taxes in those countries. It also transfers our cash flow with little losses at projectable cost. The later benefits were more significant as cryptocurrency emerged. It helped us to liquidate the cryptocurrency we hold, gathered in a massive amount from Asia.

As such, our benefits are huge, and we did not need to profit with immediate monetary gain. Besides ergonomic chairs, we also do transfers for commodities for other trading companies we hold.

Where did we get the stock?

We only conduct mass orders for high-quality products that are hard to replicate and highly valued. There are no fake Herman Miller chairs in the market.
For Herman Miller Singapore, we order the chairs directly from USA-authorized websites, usually delivered to our office in New York or affiliated company in Washington. Sometimes we also get from Europe. We only purchase from established and authorised sellers. We are never fixed on a single vendor to enjoy competitive pricing.

Do we only mass order Herman Miller products?

No, but we also import expensive and high-quality building materials, mattresses, and food products. They are listed on their independent website.

Why are you the only reseller who can last so long?

In the past decade, we occasionally see new Herman Miller Singapore sellers who claim to be able to sell Herman Miller chairs at an affordable price.

Some of these sellers sell on third party or their websites. In most cases, you seldom see them lasting for long, especially on common sales platforms. Most of the time, they are selling refurbished units passed off as new. Another reason is that Herman Miller actively investigates and bans suppliers who export their products, most likely disabling the warranty support they can get. As such, the vendor will have no choice but to abruptly shut down to evade the responsibility of honouring the 12 years warranty.

The USA sells at the lowest price in the world. If you see a case where the retail price is lower than in the USA, it’s likely too good to be true. Many companies refurbish the chairs and retail them in “near-new” condition in the USA. They spray a fresh paint coat, brush and vacuum the chairs, and change the casters. Despite appearing new, the chair had lost its structural integrity, and the mechanism may have endured a certain degree of wear and tear. We did notice that most sellers are not even aware that their stock is refurbished units. That’s getting rampant in China nowadays.

As we mentioned, HM blacklists vendors who are found exporting their chairs. With just one chair’s information, it is enough for them to trace back all the chairs that were ever sold to the same buyer. Once detected, the buyer could be blacklisted and void all the warranties of the chairs that are linked. Since the vendor can no longer receive support, the reseller will generally choose to dissolve its presence or website and become uncontactable as there’s no way he can sustain the twelve-year warranty. The warranty isn’t transferrable. It can only be honoured to the original purchaser, so those buyers are stuck.

We don’t have these issues as the company representing us to purchase the chairs is MMC, with a global presence. It’s logical for our chairs to be found overseas and in massive amounts. Also, we have a dedicated staff in our office in the USA to claim the warranty. We still have other processes to keep your warranty safe.  That’s why we last for a decade, while many sellers usually can’t last more than two years.

We are an organized company. We even set up a system of aftersales service with other contractors to offer support. The details of our system can be found below. Not only do we have an organized system to obtain parts warranty from the USA directly, but we also have our technicians to provide the labour if required. We only service chairs sold by us to keep our spares and labour in a healthy status.

Is there clearance Herman Miller stock available in the market?

As far as we know, all chairs are manufactured on demand. Only when there’s an order will they manufacture the chairs. Most stockists don’t keep much stock as the items are too bulky and require a lot of storage space. For bulk orders, they are often delivered from Herman Miller directly, so most stockists don’t require to keep much stock.

Herman Miller chairs are sold quickly. It is unlikely that any stockists will need to make clearance sales to clear their inventory. It’s also quite unlikely for retailers to hold stock older than 12 months, especially the Aeron chairs. When you see a reseller claiming to have “clearance” Aerons available, it’s a telltale sign that his stock is not from a legitimate source or is new.

Why create www.unwantedimports.com?

Mainly to facilitate easier ordering and invoicing.  Our contractors are looped in to handle the sales and logistics. We always have users who want to claim under their company and require a proper invoicing system. On our website, you can download the quotation and submit your claims.

At the backend, when you place an order or submit a claim. The email notifies the right people automatically, and things unfold by themselves.

How is it operated in Singapore?

We have a few agreements with companies to handle the logistics and repairs. One of the companies offers retail solutions like collecting payment and warehousing. Some companies do purely logistics to send out high-value furniture. Some to coordinate sales or repairs. We link this up with other companies to share the resources. This keeps the operating cost little and gets things more organized in place. That’s how we managed to keep it running for over a decade.

Under the agreement, we don’t have to pay rent for a small storage space. This keeps our operating cost at a bare minimum in that aspect. We outsource all repairs to a company that is more than qualified to repair the office chairs. We haven’t encountered any problem since day 1 of operation. Wear and tear on the mesh cannot be fixed or claimed. Such cases are rare, but we are working on a viable solution for those facing such woes.

How is the after-sales handled?

According to Herman Miller’s policy, the warranty is not transferable. Since the chairs were purchased with our company. The replacement parts have to be filled in by us, which we are happy to do and have been doing for the past decade.

Our records show that 95% of the faults reported came from the wheels. They endure the most wear and tear and pressure from usage.
We ordered an inventory of 10,000 high-quality casters on standby to handle this specific issue. This is grossly above what we need—it also streamlined the claim process for the casters, making a claim easy and free of charge except for the local delivery charges if required. We do not repair the casters. We replace the casters 1 to 1 and replace all five casters if we find it necessary, even if you don’t ask for it. You can replace the casters on your own. We have the instructions on the troubleshooting page.

As for the remaining 5% of the faults reported. In some cases, there are no issues. Some cases are easily solvable by the user. IE: Placing back a loose cable, a lubricant spray, etc. The warranty does not cover some conditions due to wear and tear or abuse. It’s subjected to approval like any claim case. The material used is subjected to stress tests and should last adequately. Noise and mesh are hard to get a warranty claim, as they are typically termed wear and tear, so we are upfront that they can’t be claimed. It is only possible for us, or most retailers, to offer an extended warranty, only if we charge a premium.

Mesh won’t tear unless something sharp protrudes it to have been abused with harsh material like chemicals or UV which could deteriorate the structure integrity. Mesh or fabric used by Herman Miller is rated to work under rub test to endure 200000 rubs, 4x normal industrial standard. That being said, it doesn’t mean that the fabric is indestructible and can be torn intentionally or unintentionally by users by mistake.

The remaining cases that require real repairs at best are less than 3% of the total, and we have standby components for most scenarios. You will only pay the transportation fee to and from our service point in Singapore during the warranty period. In some countries, the local authorised agent will charge you a hefty service fee in any case for any warranty claim. Even if you send the chair back yourself, that’s not the case for us.

Also, in most countries that follow Herman Miller’s warranty policy, the local agents do not allow the buyers to transfer the warranty. Making your resale value lesser as the new users will not enjoy the full warranty benefit. Not for us. Our chairs have multiple authentication stamps for identification, even with an owner change. This will make it easier when you want to sell the chair.

What will happen if we decide to cease service for the Herman Miller Singapore service?

In times of recession or with the invasion of disrupting trade modules. Of course, anything is possible, and that’s a valid question. Even big authorized local distributors are going under nowadays, crushed by the massive overhead of rental and labour. What happens to support from any agent?

For us, we split the issue into two zones of concern.

  • Finding a solution for our users.

Suppose we deem that the mass order for Herman Miller Singapore should cease for whatever reason. That does not mean that our support for users will cease. We did not cease support for the other Mass Order projects. Many are even more significant.

We did not oversell and had calculated projections. We control the monthly number of chairs we sell, usually less than ten. From the projected numbers, we stand by a proportional amount of spares. Buyers should have the necessary parts when necessary.

  • Keeping the mass order sustainable.

We always run calculations and negotiate better agreements to keep our costs bare minimum, keeping us lightweight. Our negotiations are based on top-tier B2B quotations, which we negotiate with our other trades. As the benefit of maintaining the mass order is strong as explained above, it’s improbable for us to let it cease.

If we ultimately cease operation, we will pass our sales records to our appointed agency handling all our repairs, assemblies, etc. They charge users per case, which is SGD70 which includes local freight charges.

Are the Herman Miller Singapore chairs new and genuine?

We can only purchase new chairs to qualify for our tax reduction, our main benefit in organising the mass order. The more expensive the product, the more rebates we have. There’s no point in us selling refurbished units as we need the support from authorized agents as much as the buyers. If we were to sell refurbished or fake chairs, we would have sold them from the start and should have unlimited stock since there are so many used ones in the United States. Instead, you will always find that our chairs are often out of stock, with limited quantities available.

As we mentioned, there are no fake Aeron chairs in the market.
We had been around for a decade and were transparent, running the mass order from various sites and anchored at Hardwarezone forums.

Why Herman Miller and not other brands?

Other brands exist, but the Herman Miller chairs are the most recognized and recommended by orthopaedics. Those Herman Miller Singapore models used by the Singapore Ministries and major financial institutes are mostly the lower-end Mirra or Aeron range in the most basic settings, not fully loaded with all the features. The chairs we carry and recommend are mostly higher-end, otherwise stated. With all the functions loaded like forwarding tilt, posture fit lumbar support, recline limiter, hard floor casters, headrest, etc.

Many buyers deem it worth buying our USA imported chairs—a better choice than those sold in APAC, sometimes made in China at higher prices.


No longer will you need to order from USA websites and import individually. We do it on your behalf.

It’s worth noting that we started the mass order at the same time. The local chain and popularity of Herman Miller Singapore grew amazingly huge rather than having any dent in their sales. It grew in parallel, and we do not utilize warranty services from local retailers to make it fair. The power of social media, and recommendations on Singapore’s most popular forum Hardwarezone, particularly from our mass order, seemingly gave them a boost as with all our other mass orders projects.

We never had a problem with the warranty as long it’s not under the excluded list. We have a long list of vendors to call in the United States. Having solid relationships with repair specialists.

Many of us, the organizers, worked for MMCs with high standards and strived to provide you with the same good service.

Let the reviews do the talking: Testimonials

Remastered Aeron Chair

A remake of the original with a new design of fully adjustable arms, more comfortable mesh and an improved support system.
All Aerons we provide are only in the the highest specificiation, real fully loaded version.

Keep coming back to check if our stock replenishes, they are updated in realtime. ETA is stated once the information is available.

All Herman Miller chairs are directly imported from USA since 2008, be careful of refurbished China chairs passed off as new sold in the open market. We are aware of individuals imitating as us selling Herman Miller Aeron chair on other platforms.

Embody Chair

Often rated as the most comfortable ergonomic chairs in the world, the most premium version of ergonomic chairs from its maker.
With an unique exoskeletonal backframe support and a special breathable fabric system.

Cosm Chair

The newest design targeted for Aesthetics.

We had decided to stop bringing in more due to feedbacks that the ergonomic support is lacking compared to the Aeron or the Embody chair. The length of the chair does not fit well with everyone.

Other chair

Occasionally, we will partner with other manufacturers to launch their range of ergonomic chairs on our website. Stay tuned for any updates. For suppliers, feel free to contact us with your product information. Reach good leads and wider exposure for your brand with us.

Accessories for Herman Miller Aeron chair and more

Addons that make your chairs better. The hard casters are almost a must-have for users using the chair on hard floors.
Sole distributor for the German hard casters which has much better durability and intelligent braking system.
Both brands of Atlas and Engineered Now headrest are 100% authentic, not imitations from China.

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