More about Herman Miller

Who’s Using

  • Queen Elizabeth and most royalties have a collection in their palace
  • Banks
  • Hotels and VIP Lounges
  • Premium Hospitals
  • Financial institutes
  • Ministries
  • In most prestigious offices

To give you a rough idea on how effective is Herman Millers
They are used in many premium hospitals, used by real patients and doctors.
In fact they are so popular and recognised by hospitals, Herman miller has a production line specially for making furniture for hospitals. Healthcare Furniture – Herman Miller

What’s the result?

From who’s making these chairs, and many global leading hospitals are using them, you should know this is definitely a safe choice to get.

Once you sit for a long period, your bad posture will slowly adjust back, which maintains even if you are standing.
For someone who slouch often, a correct posture will make him look taller, chest and shoulder looks wider. Getting a confident posture.

A bad posture is often the result of chronic neck/shoulder aches, as your head tilts too forward and your muscles will be strained.

This is why going to chiropractors, physiotherapists and accupunists can only solve the problem temporary.
The root to the problem is normally due to your unnatural posture.

Studies have show that the risks of poor postures includes and not limited to:

  • Impede the ability of the lungs to expand and lower up to 14 years of life expectancy
  • Musculoskeletal disorders on the neck and shoulders.
  • Deforms the thoracic and cervical spine

If you find it’s uncomfortable initially, it’s simply means that your back had been in bad posture for a long time and the more you need an ergonomic chair.

As slouching will increase over time, leading to eventual hunchback and collapse of lung’s capacity.
It should be corrected as soon as possible under doctor’s consultation with proper posture control and an effective chair is the primary tool you need to start with.