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We are currently away due to the restrictions for the COVID19 lockdowns.

All sales received are forwarded to our logistic partners and sent out automatically. Don’t worry about verifying the payment, we can trace your payment most of the time as long as you put a valid identifier like your name, postal cost or mobile number in the bank transfer. Our handling partners will email you if they have difficulties finding your payment.

If you are asking about the stock status. Availability and waiting time are listed on the respective product pages, they are updated real-time. A batch of Aeron chairs ordered a few months ago are on the way and we are sourcing more from Europe but they are only able to send in small amount due to low production from the current impediment. We don’t do customization to streamline the spares we carry.

For Chairworker’s chairs, they are shipped from them directly.

In order to streamline the type of spare parts that we stock, we do not perform mass order for models or variations that are not listed on our website. We also do not retail spare parts, in particular, the mesh back and seat which cannot be claimed for warranty due to wear and tear.

Also note that all prices are readily available on our website. If you need a quotation, you can print out from the cart page after adding the interested items in.

We are an online base store. For our records, please submit all inquiries via the above form or email us at