BreatheShield Aeron Chair Fabric Cover

$ 89

Introducing the Aeron BreatheShield Chair Cover, another exclusive from Unwanted Imports!

– Breathable material
– Customised fitting
– Extra protection for the mesh
– Keeps dust from falling into the mechanism and gears causing additional friction and damages over time
– Improves sitting stability, reduces slipping from position to better maintain your ergonomic posture
– Fabric feel

Only available in black, suitable for graphite and carbon colours.

To iron the fabric cover, please remove it from the chair first. Do not iron the cover while it is attached to the chair, as the Aeron’s mesh cannot withstand high heat.

Fabric products have no warranty.

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BreatheShield Aeron Chair Fabric Cover

Enhance your seating experience with this premium fabric cover for the Aeron chairs. Designed for those who prefer the cozy feel of fabric, this cover also solves the common issue of the mesh surface being too slippery, helping you better maintain a perfect ergonomic posture.

Not only does it add comfort and stability, but it also acts as a protective barrier, giving the mesh more protection against damage. As well as reducing the chance of dust and debris from falling through the mesh and clogging the chair’s mechanisms. Which could cause additional friction and noise to the mechanism, something not typically covered by warranty.

Upgrade your Aeron chair today and enjoy a cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable seating experience.

Reduce dust and debris

Please be aware that the chair’s mesh should only be cleaned using a cloth dampened with room-temperature water. Using harsh detergents or exposing the mesh to high temperatures may lead to the mesh disintegration which is not covered in the warranty.

Using a cover to keep dust from forming is recommended as it is much easier to prevent dust accumulation than to remove it once it has settled.

If the dust falls into the mechanism, it could cause more friction and noise and such faults are again not covered in the warranty.

Comes in four pieces, covering the backframe, seat and the two armpads.

Compatible with both Classic and Remastered Herman Miller Aeron chairs

Compatible with the following headrests:

  1. Atlas
  2. Engineered Now
  3. PosturePilot (Users may need to remove the bottom rubber grip to fit into the frame.)
BreatheShield Aeron Chair Cover with PosturePilot Headrest
Comes with straps to fasten firmly to your chair

Breathable Material

Does not cause heat pockets to form, retaining the chair’s low heat retention properties.

Close-up view.
BreatheShield Aeron Chair Cover 2024
BreatheShield Aeron Chair Fabric Cover
$ 89
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