Herman Miller Cosm Chair High-back

$ 1829

We had brought in one batch of the Cosm chairs and had decided to stop bringing in more. As there are many feedbacks that the ergonomic support is lacking compared to the Aeron or the Embody chair. The fabric feels a little rougher. Also, the length of the chair does not fit well with everyone.


Graphite Base and Frame
Height adjustment
Height adjustable arm
Auto-Harmonic Tilt


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Herman Miller Cosm Chair High-back

The Herman Miller Cosm Chair is the latest addition made in collaboration with Berlin design company, Studio 7.5.
It has a similar design to the Aeron chair with full mesh seating, but it’s totally different with simpler ergonomic controls and intuitive support.

The chair features a simple adjustable arm, which can be adjusted to different height, do note that the armrest has no 4-dimensional control.

The centre of its uniqueness is the special tilting mechanism which has no control. Tilting tension is balanced by the user’s weight and height to create a similar experience between users. However, do note that the chair does not have any tilting locks or back tilt limiters. Nor does it come with the tilting forward feature to angulate the spine, a popular feature found in the Aeron. There’s no additional lumbar pad on the backrest as the entire backrest is shaped to guide the spine to the right position.

The chair’s main mechanism does have one control which allows the user to adjust the overall height of the chair with a side knob.

As such users may want to know that the Herman Miller Cosm Chair is not meant to be a replacement for the Herman Miller Aeron Chair nor the Embody chair. Which were designed by the deceased ‎Bill Stump targeted for ergonomic control and good wellbeing of the spine. If you are looking for a design with great aesthetics and a little more affordable, the Cosm chair might fit into your consideration list.


The chair comes with a high-back and a mid-back version. Do note that the height of the headrest in the high-back version is not adjustable. As such it might not be suitable for everyone.



The following is a breakdown of features comparing different models.

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