Herman Miller Hard Floor Casters – Set of 5

$ 69

Suitability for Carpet: ★★★★

Suitability for Hard Floor: ★★★★

Noise: ★★★

Material: ★★

Durability: ★★


This is the standard size, comes in a set of 5.

Suitable for hard floors, can also be used on carpet. Comes with a protective soft coating to reduce scratches and sound.

Do note that casters do not have any warranty against wear and tear, breakage or scratches.

If you want something a lot more durable, suggest looking at the Made in Germany casters.


Herman Miller Hard Floor Casters – Set of 5

Original casters from Herman Miller, not knock-offs from China.

Retailing at USD 20 per piece.

Herman Miller Hard Floor Casters, the type of wheels you should be using on hard floor.


If there are squeaking sound on usage when you just receive them.

You can isolate if it’s compatibility issues with your floor or the caster itself by having a piece of rug under.
If it’s the floor issue then a rug will continue to work, there are too much friction with the floor.
If it’s the caster issue, the lubricant inside haven’t evenly distribute yet and will eventually go off, but may come back.

Product comes with 1 year manufacture warranty

Herman Miller Hard Floor Casters
Herman Miller Hard Floor Casters – Set of 5
$ 69
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