Courier services

This service is only for chairs purchased from us and only available within Singapore.
All details must be completed in full. All chairs provided by us are labelled with permanent stamps or sticker labels at discreet locations, authentication will be done to confirm that the chair belongs to us. All claims will be forwarded to USA reps of HM for their approval before any repairs can be committed.

As much as we wish, but as stated on the warranty. Problems due to wear and tear or damages by abrading with hard or sharp objects, be it due to accidental or intentional damages are rarely approved for warranty with much success, especially for the mesh or fabric. That’s further supported by the fact that damages from pets, abuse from intentional damages for claiming, and other fraudulent claims were rampant. To greatly reduce the chance of damage and the general quality of the chairs, the mesh on Aeron and the fabric on the Embody were designed and certified by laboratories to endure over 200000 rub tests. They are way above industrial standards and all competitors who normally hover at around 50000 to 100000 rubs.

For the full information on the warranty, please refer to the following. : Warranty conditions

An exception is for the hard casters which we can provide above the standard warranty terms due to our goodwill to source from the OEM supplier, they can be claimed from the following link:  Casters warranty claim

Courier services

  • Do take note that the workshop will authenticate the chair upon return. Waterproof stamps and labels are placed at discreet areas on the chair, they must be intact.

    The cost of a two way courier service is SGD70. Do note that we only respond to chairs purchased from us and with information complete. All information will be submitted to the representatives in USA for approval. If it's approved, a reply will be automatically provided in 2 weeks. The couriers and repairs will only proceed after the warranty claim is approved. If it's not approve, an alternative is to trade in your chair. Trade-in