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Hard Floor Casters 2.5 Inch – Premium version (Made in Germany) – Set of 5


These casters can only be found from us and are not sold anywhere else, it’s a special order with our specifications to use the highest integrity of material. Totally fabricated in Germany from the raw material to the finished product. It can be shipped worldwide, contact us if it’s not listed in the checkout.

Comes in a set of 5. Free shipping worldwide.

The type of casters needed for hard floor and can be used on carpet. Hard floor refers to hard surfaces made of ceramic, tile, vinyl, wood, plastic, carpet, cement, etc.

Hard floor casters have a soft coating to make them quieter, and less likely to scratch or create marks on your floor. It also has better traction, so the chair won’t get out of position and result in a bad posture.

Produced by the most prestige company in the world specialized in producing casters, in combination with the highest grade material requested from another company. This is a much-improved version, fully German sourced and made. A BIG upgrade from the original ones which are China made. These are the highest end casters you can find in the market.

Casters are always replaced in a set of 5 for better stability and can be replaced easily by user normally without tools.

Please contact us if you need it shipped overseas and your country is, not in the included list.


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Hard Floor Casters 2.5 Inch (Made in Germany, perfect for Herman Miller)


Exclusively produced for us, made with the finest grade material from Germany.
To get the perfect result, they are originally produced to our specifications, combining material and expertise from 2 different companies.
It’s not possible for these casters to be found elsewhere. Beware of imitations. They are better than the originals for many, many brands.

Totally sourced and made in Germany from the OEM, exceeds all the requirements of DIN EN 12 529 (office chairs), DIN EN 12528 (furniture) and LGA tested. The casters are produced using the highest-grade material. It also includes the latest technology of adding an intelligent braking system that reduces the chair from gliding too far away upon the user standing. They are also the with the quiet-roll and roll-away resistance feature.


The hard floor casters can fit all versions of Aerons, Embody, Celle, Sayl, Mirra, etc.
They also work with Steelcase chairs. They can also be used on any brands with similar stem diameters.


More durable

The casters are the most common parts to break. That’s why we emphasise getting the best replacements so users won’t have many issues. Many customers deemed the original hard floor casters that got together with the chair wore off quite severely and quickly. Even the local distributor no longer offers them and reckon that users should stick to carpet casters even on hard floors. This is not advisable as carpet casters are made of full nylon, the material is hard and can easily scratch the floor. Thus, as requested by many, and after searching, we switched to a new producer that promises much better durability. We were told that the original casters that we used to order were made in a factory in China.

There’s also a risk of the wheels scratching the floor, especially as the casters break. Below are photos of the original hard floor casters broken within five years.

Herman miller casters shedding

Original Herman Miller casters shedding

Herman miller casters breaking apart

Original Herman Miller casters breaking apart

Most compatible hard floor casters sold anywhere will have the same issue as most are produced by the same manufacturing companies in China, using the same recycled material.

The ones we carry here are fully engineered to fit the Herman Miller chairs perfectly. They are made in Germany, made by a company that does nothing but only specialise in manufacturing casters—made with fresh and first-grade material that is the most durable, regarded to last much longer and are more stable. They cost almost FIFTY times more than typical China-made casters.



Reduce scratching the floor.

All hard floors are supposed to use only hard floor casters. The hard floor casters have a polyethene coating to reduce scratching the floor. Particularly vinyl, laminates, wooden floors and other softer flooring.

These wheels can also roll on the carpet and are versatile for any flooring.


Very quiet and stable

The manufacturer invented a new metal stem with double securing rings to make the casters quieter. They have also redesigned the metal stem that connects the caster to the chair. It is now shorter and more stable.



Less likely to stain the floor

The wheels are made of a new material, engineered in Germany. Which make it more unlikely to leave any stains on the floor.



Intelligent braking

The manufacturer revamped the design and included an internal braking system, making the chair less likely to glide far away when the user stands up.  When no one is seated on the chair, there will be some friction to prevent the wheels from rolling too much. When the user sits, the chair will regain its full mobility. This design won international industrial awards and is patented.
Intelligent brake






Compatible models:

Herman Miller®:

Aeron® Chair

Mirra® Chair

Mirra® 2 Chair

Embody® Chair

Sayl® Chair

Caper® Multipurpose Chair

Setu® Chair

Cosm® Chair

and other office ranges using the same casters


Other brands:

Steelcase® Think chair and Vitra® office chairs


They are probably compatible with their other range as long as it fits.

You can pull out the caster of your chair, take a photo and send it to us for advice.




How to replace?








To make sure that the casters last longer. Do not allow the casters to have contact with aggressive floor cleaning agents or exposed to excessive sunlight.






All casters are protected by a three years warranty, only within Singapore.