Engineered Now Aeron Headrest – HR03


The missing piece in the Aeron Chair design, most recommended add-on for your existing chair.


Important note: The headrest fits all Aerons but the weave looks slightly different for the remastered version. They match the classic Aerons closer. If you are purchasing the chair for the Size A remastered Aeron, do let us know in advance as it might need a tightening washer.


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Engineered Now Aeron Headrest – HR03

The Engineered Now Aeron Headrest is the missing item for the Aeron chair to provide the support all the way to the neck. With this upgrade, the user can finally lean back and rest for a long period of time, while keeping their posture locked in place.

Engineered Now Headrest

Engineered Now Headrest


The Engineered Now Aeron Headrest is the most recommended upgrade we advise users to adopt.

There are only a few makers for the Aeron headrest in the market The Engineered Now headrest from USA has the edge over all the competitors with a fully adjustable design, just the way you like your Aeron chair.

Main advantages:

  • Patented design for full adjustment with better manoeuvrability. Height, Depth & Tilt Control
  • Angles can be tilted to any degrees.
  • Synchronized angling when the user tilts
  • Flexibility in extending to both height and depth.
  • Able to lock positions for most joints. (Many other makers have a problem with locking in the depth and getting out of position).
  • Mesh design – No entrapment of body heat causing discomfort.
  • Better flexibility on the mesh to facilitate contouring.

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We have tried many options and conclude that the Engineered One headrest is the missing piece that firmly sits Aeron as the best chair in the world.
It empties every gap from your entire spine up to your neck developing the perfect support.

To support the head, the right place to support is the neck. Else if the cushion pushes the head, it will form the forward head posture

As the Engineered Now Aeron headrest is fully adjustable, you can tune the right angle to fit the position of your neck, as well how much support is necessary.

The Engineered Now Aeron headrest fits so snugly until you can’t move much out of your correct posture. We highly recommend this upgrade above all the other upgrades.

Another thing about the Aeron headrest is the tension can be adjusted by tightening the screw. (Not too hard to damage the frame)

Engineer now headrest 2

Engineer now headrest 3


Do note that the headrest is NOT supposed to hold tightly in the up-down position. It is meant to provide a synchronised movement as the person tilt.


Engineered Now is located in the USA and the headrest design is patented.

Price will be cheaper when ordered with a chair in the same order.

Only available in classic carbon colour.

Recommended size:

180cm and below – HR03

180cm and above- HR04

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