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Original Engineered Now Aeron Headrest – HR03


Original product imported from USA. Not imitations from China.
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The missing piece in the Aeron Chair design, most recommended add-on for your existing chair.


Comfort: ★★★★★

Adjustability: ★★★★★

Ergonomics : ★★★★★

Design: ★★★★

Material: ★★★★


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Engineered Now Aeron Headrest – HR03

The Engineered Now Aeron Headrest is the missing item for the Aeron chair to provide the support all the way to the neck. It’s the most sold headrest ever designed for the Aeron chairs. With this upgrade, the user can finally lean back and rest for a long period of time, while keeping their posture locked in place.

Engineered Now Headrest

Engineered Now Headrest


The Engineered Now Aeron Headrest is the most recommended upgrade we advise users to adopt. It is the first headrest design that is fully adjustable, designed and patented in USA. What’s different compared to the other headrests is its adjustability which is patented. It can be adjusted in its height, depth and angle. The Engineered Now headrest has a free-flowing design, which adjusts as the user tilts. Users can make adjustments easily from a seated position.

Main advantages:

  • Patented design for full adjustment with better manoeuvrability. Height, Depth & Tilt Control
  • Concave cushion design to keep the head better positioned and from sliding off while taking naps.
  • Highly adjustable, can be tilted to most angles to fit all users.
  • Synchronized angling and fluid motion when the user tilts
  • Flexibility in extending to both height and depth.
  • Able to lock positions for most joints. (Most headrest designs sold in the market have a problem with locking in the depth).
  • Mesh design – No entrapment of body heat causing discomfort.
  • Better flexibility on the mesh to facilitate contouring.

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: VendorGear Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The Engineered One headrest had always been deemed to be the missing piece for the Aeron chair.
It empties every gap from your lower spine up to your neck forming the perfect support. To support the head, the best spot to support is the neck. Else pushing the head too much may result in the forward head posture

Depth can be adjusted to avoid pushing the head too forward.

As the Engineered Now Aeron headrest is fully adjustable, you can tune the right angle to fit the position of your neck, as well as how much support is necessary. The Engineered Now Aeron headrest fits so snugly until you can’t move much out of your correct posture. It’s probably the best upgrade for the chair.

Adjustment Guide


Tension adjustment

FAQ: My headrest doesn’t lock into place. Is there something wrong with it?
Answer: No, this is by design. Engineered Now knows that no one stays in one position all day. Our headrests are designed to be free-flowing, move with you, and adjustments are made easily from a seated position. To adjust the tension, you simply need to slightly tighten the tension bolt located inside the side caps. Having the right tension is important for getting the perfect experience from the headrest. You want to have it just tight enough to take your weight but still adjustable by hand while seated.

The Aeron headrest’s tension can be adjusted by tightening the tension screws.

Warning: Do not tighten too much to avoid cracking the frame.

Engineer now headrest 2

Engineer now headrest 3


Tightening the screw above will adjust the tension of the headrest’s rotation, as well as the tightness of the up-down action. Do note that the headrest is not supposed to hold tightly in the up-down position. It is meant to provide a synchronized movement as the person tilt.


HR03 or HR04?

180cm and below – HR03

180cm and above- HR04

The HR04 is 20% bigger besides been taller.

For more information on the product, you may want to refer to the following Amazon website


Remastered or Classic Aeron?

The easiest way to tell is from the weaving or posture fit design. The design of the gearbox below the seat is also different.

The classic Aerons had phased out for a number of years. If your chair was purchased before 2016, it’s definitely the Classic.

If you had purchased a new chair recently. It is most likely a remastered Aeron.


Gearbox design difference





How to know if your headrest is original?

Engineered Now is located in the USA and the headrest design is patented.
The fabric is calibrated to allow a suspension system to avoid been too firm and create pressure points causing discomfort.

It appears that there are some knockoffs coming from China, that do not possess the same quality in material or design.
Here are some details on how to tell if it’s original

  1. There’s a logo on the headrest.
  2. There’s a printed box with colour printed instructions.
  3. All Engineered One headrest can only be ordered from USA directly. Pellicle fabric is sourced from factories to not only look the same, but they also have the same durable texture and characteristics as the chair.
  4. Except for Engineered One themselves, suppliers are disallowed to sell on any online market or e-commerce site other than their own websites, else they will be faced with legal consequences or stoppage of supplies. This includes Ebay, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Rakuten, etc.

engineered one Headrest logo





Only one screw has to be tightened.




NOTICE: No warranty provided as this is a collective mass order ordered from www.amazon.com